Masias Free University


The Masias Free University is an educational project of the Recartografías Association to create an undergraduate school in which a wide range of knowledge linked to rural Mediterranean traditions.

The Masias Free Universityis located in the rural hamlet of Mas Blanco (San Agustin municipality, Aragon, Spain) and more precisely in the old Escuela Mixta (school) unveiled in 2016 by the Recartografias Association after a long land stewardship project agreed with the San Agustín council (Teruel).

The aim of this initiative is to offer courses, seminars and workshops for school pupils, high school and university students, as well as for anyone interested in studying in a natural environment. The staff of this university comes mostly from different faculties of the University of Valencia.

The activities organized at the Masias Free University  are divided into:


Our classroom for seminaris in Mas Blanco.