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Del Romero Renau, Luis. PhD in Geography (Autonomous University of Barcelona). Assistant Professor of Spatial Planning at the University of Valencia. Doctor en Geografía por la UAB y profesor de Geografía de la UV. Research: innovative planning tools


Díaz Guzmán, Teresa. MSc in Journalism by the San Pablo University in Valencia. She works as journalist, blogger and graphic designer.


Lara Martín, Laura.BSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of Valencia. MSc in Waste management and valorization at the Miguel Hernández University. Research: Waste and waste water treatment and management.


La Roca Cervigón, Neus. PhD in Geography at the University of Valencia. Physic Geography Professor at the same university. Research: Biogeography and Geomorphology of the Mediterranean mountain.


Melo Escrihuela, Carme. PhD in Politics at Keele University (UK). Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography, University of Valencia. Research: ecological citizenship, green political thought, political ecologism and environmental politics.


Valera Lozano, Antonio.Ph. D. in Geography (Universitat de València). Associate professor in Departament de Geografia (UV). Expert in GIS, environmental degradation, land use/land cover change and heritage.

Sin nombre

David Salesa Duro. Bachelor in Environmental Science in the University of Valencia. MsC in Management and Conservation of Protected Natural Spaces. He is specialized in the impacts of human activities on the environment and management of natural areas.