About us

Recartografías (re-mapping in Spanish) is a land stewardship non-profit association and a research group. Now you are in the page of our Research Group.

We are therefore an action – research group registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs (nº 606916) and formed by researchers and professors from the field of geography, environmental science, environmental law and political science that make research on new territorial, urban practices and environmental from the point of view of ecological economics and political ecology. Check here the profile of our members.

Our research is divided into four different lines:

Study of urban and spatial conflicts
Study of the causes and dynamics of  shrinking rural areas
Study of alternative, participative and inclusive spatial planning tools s
These three lines are studied from the perspective of political ecology

Monday through Friday we work at the university as researchers or professors and on weekends or when we have time we move to the abandoned neighborhood of Mas Blanco, in San Agustín, Province of Teruel, where we develope a project to build an ecovillage based on a series of land-stewardship contracts, both with individuals and with the city of San Agustín.

Our goal is on one hand to restore on a sustainable basis and respecting the traditions and local culture Masovera, community buildings in the neighborhood and some of its fields were completely abandoned, and another convert this small neighborhood in a training center in nature: Free University of Las Masias.

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